AEK Design Services was formed as a meeting of minds and ideologies of young professionals, desirous of bringing a higher standard of consultancy services to today’s building environment. Although wholly indigenous in make up, the firm is comprised mainly of professionals with both local and worldwide experience, bringing international exposure and standards to our evolving construction industry. AEK Design Services was registered in 1993 to provide Architectural, Interior Design and Project Management Services. All work is done on Computer; the use of sophisticated Computer Aided Design and Drafting systems, enabling the firm to maintain production levels at 5 times the staff strength.

The Firm’s approach to professional practice is to employ a proactive management strategy in the execution of its projects. The idea is that rather than wait until problems occur, certain preventive mechanisms are set up at the onset to combat possible areas of differentiation and logjam. It is to this end that AEK Design services was nominated as Architectural Consultants to the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund in 1996 and The National Primary Health Care Development Agency in 2001.

Recently the firm has expanded in the area of construction, from implementing customized interior design fit-outs only, to full scale ‘Design and Build’ of large projects. This means greater control of the project outcome and a one step hassle free process for the client from conceptual sketches to the actualization of steel and concrete on site.

AEK Design Services is registered with the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) and licensed to practice Architecture.