AEK Design Services aims to ensure that the highest quality design is achieved by applying the latest concepts of value engineering.

The practice employs a cost effective approach in design to ensure that the Client get value for money. The practice values variety and architectural challenge in the work it undertakes.

Services Provided

  • Preparation of the Schematic Design and Design Drawings.
  • Preparation of documents for Building Permits as required by the Municipal Authorities.
  • Preparation of Construction Documents for Construction.
  • Preparation of schedules of finishes and materials.
  • Administration of contract negotiations and award, bonds and other relevant documents.
  • Review and inspection of all Contractor/ Supplier submittals i.e.; fabrication drawings, test results, product data and samples.
  • Coordination of all Consultants.
  • Monitoring of construction on site by means of fortnightly visits to site as well as monthly site meetings.
  • Review and issuance of Certificates for Payment upon Quantity Surveyor’s valuation.
  • Issuance of Certificates of Final Completion and review of all warranties, liens, etc.

Service Brochure


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