Interior Design

Our Interior Design section was established to provide office fit out and space planning services as well as furnishing and remodeling of custom design interiors.

Services Provided

AEK DESIGN SERVICES aims to eliminate the gap between design detailing and specifications in the design office, and the finished fabricated product on site. We provide a complete package from conceptual design and costing to construction and installation of the finished product. We offer a `Design and Build` service which allows the client to be assured at the initial discussions of a high quality product. We take a value-added approach to Interior Design to ensure that our clients get the highest possible quality product for their money.

Recently the firm has expanded in the area of construction, from implementing customized interior design fit-outs only, to full scale `Design and Build` of large projects. This means greater control of the project outcome and a one step hassle free process for the client from conceptual sketches to the actualization of steel and concrete on site.

Service Brochure

Interior Design

An overview of our services from AEK Design Services