Abieyuwa A. Eke-Sanyaolu

ekeAbieyuwa A. Eke-Sanyaolu

Director | B.SC. Arch. M. Arch.

Abieyuwa Eke-Sanyaolu started her architectural training at the University of Lagos, and proceeded to Harvard University Cambridge USA, to attain a Master Degree in Architecture

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Olawole Sanyaolu

woleOlawole Sanyaolu

Director | DIP ARCH A.R.B

Olawole Sanyaolu was trained in the UK at both the Architectural Association School of Architecture and the University of London. As Senior Architect with the London Based firm of Hunt Thompson Associates.

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Victor Edogun

victorVictor Edogun

Director | DIP ARCH. MNIA

Victor Edogun started his architectural training in Nigeria at the University of technology Calabar where he attained his HND in architecture after which he enrolled with the Nigerian Institute of Architects and passed all neccessary exams for registration with the Institute.

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Omobola Ogboye Okoh

okohOmobola Ogboye Okoh

Director | B.E.S., M.E.D., MNIA

Omobola Ogboye Okoh started her Architectural studies at Yaba College of Technology where she attained her HND in Architecture. She then proceeded to University of Lagos, Akoka where she got her Bachelor and Masters Degree in Architecture.

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