Project Description

Year: 2011
Value: N8.0 Billion
Client: Federal Inland Revenue Service
Status: Completed

The Design Proposal consisted of avoid-shaped towers arranged around a raised indoor ‘courtyard’ space in the form of a 4-storey shaped atrium entered into on the 1st floor. The atrium leads out onto a large ‘urban garden’ at the rear an interim gesture which is in-line with the organisation’s requests and would be occupied by a third Tower in the future. The design takes an empirical approach and proposes that the foundation and first floor of the future Tower 3 be erected at the same time as Towers 1 and 2, so that in future construction will be from the 1st floor up without need for excavation, such that Tower 3 will fit in like a ‘jigsaw puzzle piece’ with minimum disruption to the operations of the FIRS. A 5900 sq.m. basement floor underneath the towers, which in addition to some indoor parking on the ground floor provided 150 nos. covered parking for a total on-site parking of 555 cars.